WIRE Word Search

I’m a little behind but I left the weekend open to hash out these Design assignments, so this is my very first. I chose to use episode 11 of The Wire to do the ‘Picture Into Words’ assignment worth 2 stars but hey it is a start!
The WireI decided I would find scenes within that episode to spell out the word WIRE. You can see the ‘W’ shaped from Ziggy’s hands when his father, Frank Sobotka, comes to visit him once he has been arrested for murder. The ‘I’ is the shape from the pole in the surveillance mirror a shot where Beatrice is tailing Spiros on his way to meet with ‘The Greek’. The ‘R’ is from the scene where Omar is on his way to take out Brother Mouzone (whom by the way I previously thought his name was Brother Moves On, and would in my opinion be more fitting). Finally, I located an ‘E’ out of the shape of a bush in the background from a scene where McNulty and Bunk are attempting to get surveillance pictures at the same stake out where Beatrice tails Spiros. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be and after only spending an hour creating, uploading, blogging, and sharing in the DS106 forum I’m left with tolerance to create another tonight. We are gonna create some art tonight dammit!