Wombats Can Sing, Kind Of

Two visual assignments down, only 2 more to go! I think. It took me a lot longer to find another visual assignment that i found interesting. After going through like 4 pages, i found this assignment. I was a little suspicious that it was 4 stars.. So i’m not taking any chances and i’m doing more than 12 stars. There are only two things i needed for this assignment: A good song and great lyrics. Most of you may think i only like 80s post punk revival or just anything that isn’t modern. Well, i hate to break it to you, but i enjoy pop music too! To an extent, that is. I like pop punk and rock pop. This is where one of my favorite modern bands come in to play: The Wombats. They’re an energetic band from Liverpool, England. If you haven’t heard of them before, i beg you to look into them. ANYWAYS. Here’s my assignment!

1. The Song:

It was difficult for me to choose a song from The Wombats, to be honest. I decided to play their albums on shuffle through itunes and whichever song came first, i chose for my assignment. Luckily, one of my favorites came on: “Tokyo”. It’s just an overall great song that’s catchy and insightful. The second hardest part was choosing which lyric. Again, i left this up to chance because i couldn’t decide. I held down the fast forward button for a good 10 seconds and when i released it, the lyrics “Back to that bar in Tokyo where the demons from my past leave in peace”. Yay! those are some pretty good lyrics to work with. If you want to see all the lyrics, here they are. Now, if you’re an even better person and want to hear the whole song, here it is! I highly suggest you listen to it…

2. The Picture & Font

Now that i chose the lyrics, what picture best represents those lyrics? When i think of Tokyo, i think of the pacific “Times Square”. Serious bright lights and crowds of people wondering around. Well, when you listen to the song it’s all about seeing who the real you is and just overall finding yourself. This isn’t necessarily a good thing because like the lyrics say “where the demons from my past leave me in peace”. Basically what i pictured for this was a fancy, hip bar. So i simply googled Tokyo high fashion bar and that’s where i got it from! I uploaded this picture to GIMP and my next step was to find the right font. I scrolled to the bottom of the list and stuck with a fancy curvy one. Makes sense, right? So i added that text layer to the picture and boom! my final piece! I think it came out pretty cool. I’m definitely not biased or anything.

"Tokyo" by The Wombats


Stars: 4/3.5