Wow, Was High School Really Four Years Ago??

For my second video assignment for this week I did “High School Memories” (4.5 stars). I thought this would be a fun assignment to do, especially being able to reflect on my high school years. No, they weren’t the best four years of my life but I did have a lot of fun while they lasted. I also worked very hard during high school (and had the GPA to show for it) but that didn’t leave a whole lot of room for a social life. Luckily I was able to set aside enough time–especially junior and senior year–to have fun with my friends. I don’t regret it one bit.

How I did it:

Since I did not have this computer in high school, all of my pictures are at home and on Facebook. So I went on Facebook and went through the pictures that I am tagged in and saved the memorable ones. I then went through my pictures that I have posted. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to save a video from Facebook (if someone can enlighten me I would be more than happy to re-make my video with some videos in it). When I was done going through Facebook, I opened all of the pictures in Windows Live Movie Maker. I then figured out how to group them so it would make the most sense. I rearranged the pictures so they would be in that order. I then added title slides to each section so people wouldn’t be confused and it also kind of breaks up the pictures rather than having just 78 pictures straight for three and a half minutes. I then went to “Animations” and clicked on “Automatic Pan and Zoom” which picks a pan or zoom type for each picture. I decided to do this because just looking at pictures stationary for three and a half minutes was boring. I also didn’t want to make it the same animation for each slide so I decided to do the random one. I then saved the video “For Computer” and went to to convert it to MP3 from WMV. This video took a lot longer to convert and download than my other one did, likely because the amount of files that are in it.

It also would not let me direct upload to here so I had to put it up on YouTube first. It was 2MB too big >:(

Here is my video, I hope you enjoy it!