Audio Creativity Week Summary: Eye of the Storm

Weekly Summary Week 6

Assignments (3)  Totaling 10 Stars

For this weeks assignments I completed three audio assignments to total a little over 10 stars  in order to warm up for week 7’s radio show with my team mates.

The assignments I completed were first a moment in Group Ideas & Thoughts  this week we worked out how we are all going to meet and to go over the roles in the coming week in order to make our radio show smoother.

In terms of assignments:

I created an original poem which I entitled “Ruthless,” based on the wire themes via my Sound


Ruthless Poem

In this poem I was expressing my ideas on the rawness of the show, the wire.   I decided to leave this as my own voice instead of adding any extra audio because I thought it would take away from the piece.

Worth 3 1/2 stars.

I created a mash-up piece with Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech, and Kayne Wests’ “Jesus Walks,” song which I thought was appropriate because they both expressed  a certain type of spirituality.

I found this week to be uplifting as I saw my fellow classmates such as Imran whose dedication to his mom via his Inspired Assignment was also very touching as well.  I was glad to see everyone getting pumped up for this next coming weeks assignments and creating things with meaning.  That has been my goal always when I look at art and when I create it, to create with a purpose.

  • Third audio assignment was based on the song mash up of two distinct songs.  I created a London-Techno Mash-Up Blog geared toward these two items.  I choose a non-conventional song  a nursery rhyme such as “London Bridge Is Falling Down,” and I decided to reinvent it.   I choose  a funky song , the techno song Satisfaction by Benny Benassi which I edited in our old friend Audacity. This activity was quite fun as it was pairing of the strange and unusual.  Worth 3 1/2 stars.


The two daily creates which I choose to do this week were quite entertaining.   Again I like the comedic element in my art so I decided to do just that.

  • First assignment required us to (don’t) describe The Wire, Wire Meets Surreal Blog .
    • This TDC was entertaining because in the opposite way I was able to not only express what we are studying through my blurb but also convey what we do here at DS106 which is make art, even if it is strange and unusual like kittens puking rainbows.
    • Wire-kitten

Second TDC, helped with stirring the creative juices as well.  My Doodle-Dude eating his spoonful of TDC was an idea generator as well.


I was very satisfied with the commenting I received and did this week.

I commented at Carmella’s Blog on Classical RapComment

I also commented on Imran’s blog dedication to his mom


La Kisha’s Blog on her original poem recitation.

Comments to Me:

The comments I received as feedback on certain assignments were equally as awesome.  It was good to hear back from people in the community because it helped keep me on the right track.


Otherwise, I think I am ready for next week, I look forward working with my group and I really and truly believe this week has helped to prepare me.