I cast legendary creature “Omar”…

Hey guys!  So recently I have gotten back into playing “Magic: The Gathering”.  It is a card game that I used to play in high school, but stopped for a long time.  Several of my friends play now, and I decided to get back into it.  So the basis of the game is that you have to use mana, or lands, that you have played to cast spells and creatures to destroy your opponent.  Magic cards are renowned for the art printed on each card, and some of which can be very expensive due to this.





This is a good example of some of the beautiful art depicted on Magic cards. (Picture courtesy of Wizards of the Coast, http://gatherer.wizards.com/pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=259205)




There is a sizable portion of the Magic fan community that is dedication to card augmentation and card creation.  Since I am nowhere near talented enough as an artist, I had no intentions of setting out to create some beautiful card art.  However, anyone can be creative enough to come up with a set of characters to create some cards!


Here is a great example of a fan created card.  Photo courtesy of Alaskan Nerdery Supply.


My creation:

So for my assignment, I, of course, decided to create a few cards from a “The Wire” Magic Collection.  To do this, I used the website http://www.mtgcardmaker.com to actually generate the card.  To do this, all you have to do is make a few decisions  and enter a little bit of text.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 8.04.35 PMTo start, you have to choose what color deck you want the card to belong to (choices are green, blue, red, black and white).  Then you have to name the card, choose the card type, add some abilities if you wish, some flavor text, add a photo and then, voila!  You made art…kinda.





So finally, here are my “The Wire” Magic cards:




Most people know by now that Omar is my favorite character, so why not introduce him first?  My thinking behind this one was simple:  Omar is a badass and seemingly unstoppable.  Therefore I gave him the deathtouch ability, as well as intimidate.  You know how Omar walks down the street and people both young and old run away from him?  Yeah…intimidation.









jimmy-mcnulty McNulty:


So McNulty was an interesting creation.  I instinctively wanted him to be a strong card, but when I thought about it, he isn’t really a strong force to be reckoned with.  Instead, he tends more to be a self-destructive character.  Therefore, I decided to make him a low strength card (a 2/2, visible in the lower right corner).  He tends to cost the department a lot, be it mental anguish or monetary, so I made his card cost a 9 total.  Also, he does motivate his compatriots, so the special ability is a good fit, I think.








Not a lot to say here.  Blue because of the cop angle; a low power/toughness because its Burell: he’s a behind the scenes string-puller.  He can mess things up for anyone at any point though, so I gave him the extra ability.










Brother Mouzone

Brother Mouzone:

Here comes brother, bringing down fire and brimstone down with him!  Brother is a very straightforward card:  High power/toughness, no trickery, just beatdown power.  I especially like the flavor text for this one.









AvonAvon Barksdale:  Lord of the Pit

Really, no explanation necessary here…but I will anyway.

I couldn’t pass up the chance to use an actual card name (Lord of the Pit) in combination with Avon.  He is legendary; he is a demon; he is LORD OF THE PIT!  The ability listed is the actual ability on the actual “lord of the pit” card, and I thought it really fit Avon as well.  He will do anything (or do away with anyone) to save himself.  Not to mention the flavor text…classic line.








Do you agree with these card descriptions?  Would you have given different characters different abilities?  Would you have created different cards?  Let me know in a comment, and then try this out for yourself!