Sounds of Your Day Tutorial

First off, you need to make sure you have Audacity downloaded on your computer. If you don’t, you can do so here!

After it loads, you can open it up and it will look something like this!



Pretty boring, right? Let’s change that. If you hit the record button, you can record everything around you.


When you finish recording, you can hit the stop button.



Next, you’re going to hit that mute button. This makes sure your other recording doesn’t play out of your computer speakers while you’re trying to record your next sound.



After that, you can hit record and it will show up on a different track. Don’t worry, we will make it all on one once you finish recording.


Once you push that stop button again, you can highlight the bottom section and hit the cut button (or you can press the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘X’ buttons at the same time).


You can choose where you want it to go by clicking the mouse where you want your sound to go. Then, you can click the paste button (or ‘Ctrl’ ‘V’).



You can record as many sounds as you’d like to make it the sounds of your day! Just make sure you hit the stop button after each time recording or else it won’t let you move the sounds around.





When you finish, you can unmute the track and play it back to make sure you like it.


When you’re ready to save, click ‘File’ and ‘Export Audio…’ If you click on save, it won’t work!



Finally, you upload it to SoundCloud using the correct tags AudioAssignments1524 and AudioAssignments.

Need a link back to the original assignment? Click here!

Good luck!