The Evolution of Herc

This assignment was perfect to show how much Herc has changed since season 1. Although there were so many moments I could have picked from, I picked what stood out to me the most. The first thing I remember of Herc was the incident with the desk. Then, I loved when Herc was talking about how different the times are, whether it be from clothing to technology, Herc always made a comment. Then he became a Sergeant. These are only a few of Herc’s moments throughout The Wire.

The Evolution of Herc

For some reason the video is not able to embed due to the content, youtube would not allow it to be embedded.


For this I went on Youtube and searched for the moments I could remember. Here is a list of the video’s I used:

I then used to convert the videos to mp4. From there, I used iMovie to upload the clips and arrange them in order of the seasons. Then, I added a title slide and a title slide at the end.