“These Ain’t Even Punchlines No More, I’m Abusing Tracks”

For my final mashup assignment I decided to do the Create Your Own SuperPAC assignment (3 stars). I found this assignment very interesting. It took so much effort to get all of this to come together. I used Skitch to crop the photos and an online Pixlr app to paste them on to the black streetlight background that I found. I thought that it would be much easier but it was truly a lot of work. I used the SuperPAC name generator to help me get started. Mine was “Recover Our Future.”

Immediately after seeing this I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Since there is so much hostility and tension in the US caused by several killings of teenage African American men I decided to use that as my theme. I thought of the three biggest names that everyone has heard of which are Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Jordan Davis. I really wanted to send a message through this assignment and I feel that I was able to capture that. Let me know what you think.