“They Wanna Burn Your Molecules Until You Let Go Ions”

For my first audio assignment I decided to do a Dramatic Reading Remix (3.5 stars). Once I saw what this assignment was about I already knew what song I was going to use. Like most of everything I do I use one of my favorite rappers Joey Bada$$’s music. I decided to his song that featured another one of my favorite artists Capital STEEZ. I love using their music because I love the messages they send. Sometimes they can be a little vulgar but they speak their minds and I love it.

For this assignment all I did was search for dramatic background music on a youtube to mp3 converter called LoudTronix. I found a great track by Mattia Cupelli named “Embraces The Sky.” I then uploaded the track to Audacity. Then I found the lyrics to Joey Bada$$’s “Survival Tactics” and recorded myself reading them in what I feel is a pretty dramatic way on Audacity. Hearing the background music and reading the lyrics at the same time really added a lot of emotion to the assignment. I loved the finish product. Listen to both tracks and tell me what you think.

Survival Tactics:

My Dramatic Reading: