“Go Get Your Wish And Count”

For my second audio assignment I decided to do the So an So’s greatest hits assignment (3 stars). In this assignment you’re supposed to take music from your favorite group and make a mash-up. I used clips from my favorite group Pro Era.

Pro Era is a rap group that lives in Brooklyn, New York. It consists of 19-22 year old friends who grew up together and formed a group. I like they’re music because of its old school vibes and its message. It has substance and isn’t like your everyday rap music. I really enjoy their music and hope you’ll listen to it.

For this assignment I used Audacity to cut different verses from songs that the group has put out. I simply uplaoded the songs to Audacity and cut out the verses that I liked. Then I faded them in and out until the last verses was attached. I pretty much knew exactly what verses I would use so it wasn’t that hard in the sense of the material I would use. Listen to the mash-up and let me know what you think.

The verses in order are:

Nyck Caution – 47 Goons

Capital STEEZ – Like Water

Joey Bada$$ – Survival Tactics

A La $ole – Hail Razor

Dirty Sanchez – Come Come