“Tryna Get A Buzz, Tryna Pollinate”

For my second mashup assignment I decided to do the Twittr assignment (2 stars). I used a couple of applications to create this photo. First I found the symbols on Google images and then saved them to my computer. I opened up a Pixlr app online and uploaded the Google picture for the background. Then I open Microsoft office word and shrunk the size of the two Stumbleupon logos and took a screenshot using Skitch. Then I added the two logos as new layers on the Google background where the o’s would go and saved the final image to my computer. I uploded it to flickr that was the end of that assignment.

The hardest part of this assignment was finding the logos that I wanted to use. I thought about a lot of sites and it was difficult to settle on any two in particular. I then remembered that I never got to create a Google logo in high school so I thought I would take this opportunity to do so. After I thought about what logos are the most round I settled on Stumbleupon as the second website logo. I hope you guys like it.