Union Pacific Now On Tour

One of the visual assignments I completed was “An Album Cover.” For this assignment I was given a link for a random Wikipedia page, Quotes, and Flickr. The title of the wikipedia article was the name of my band, the last 4-5 words of the last quote was my album title, and the 3rd picture on the Flickr account was the album cover.

My Wikipedia page was for Union Pacific 1243 which is the oldest “Ten Wheeler” owned by the Union Pacific Railroad. It was built in 1890 and is now on display.

The quote that I was given was “Hell, there are no rules here– we’re trying to accomplish things” -Thomas Edison.

The Flickr picture I got was taken by Martyn Smith.

Random Album Cover

As for my album I decided to take off the numbers for my band name, and my album title is “Trying to Accomplish Things.” I did not do much editing to the picture because I really liked the look of it as is. All I did was mess around with adjusting the highlights, midtone brightness, midtone contrast, and shadows. This is the album cover for “Trying to Accomplish Things” by the Union Pacific.

Random Album Cover copy


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