“Your Voice I Still Hear It”

For my first video assignment I decided to do the What’s your Skills assignment (4.5 stars). For this assignment you had to record or make a video of yourself showing off you talent. After thinking about doing an assignment where you had to mesh to videos together and figuring that it would be too hard to do, I finally decide that this would be the first video assignment I did. I recorded myself at least 7 times because I was so nervous.

My talent is rapping. It’s something that I do often but it takes a little bit to get me in my element. SO for the first few videos I did I wasn’t really comfortable. I had to keep telling myself to imagine that I was doing it for fun with my friends and started to visualize the ds106 community as my friends so I could finally get to where I finished. I’m sorry about the audio the first time i played it back it sounded a lot better but I didn’t really know how to fix it. I’m sorry and hope you can understand what I’m saying. Let me know what you think.