Another Day at the Adventurer’s Shack!

Alright here is a short audio clip of the adventurer’s shack. Creating this simply required my mic, my computer’s sound recorder, and a quiet area. I also had to pull to different voices to act out a scene (I’m not too good at making different voices so it might not be the best).

I originally wanted to make a scene based off of a shop that sells various goods to travelling adventurers. The idea comes from a compilation of fantasy junk that basically sits in the back of my head. This is actually more or less like a travelling merchant; you might end up seeing more from the adventurer’s shack one day. Anyways, the primary inspiration comes from various video games where there are travelling merchants dealing with all sorts of adventuring groups. And so we have a merchant dealing with a more, interesting, individual.

Anyways, if you listened to it, let me know what you think about it!