Wire 106: S04E04 – “Refugees”

In this Wire 106 video discussion, Paul Bond and I were joined by Brittany Scites to look at season 4, episode 4 of the The Wire“Refugees.”  Brittany came very prepared with four clips she wanted to talk about, all of which are included below. Paul also came ready with some great clips and shots. Me, not so much.

I’ve been really enjoying the small, focused discussions with students about the various episodes over the course of the semester. The video discussions have made the class at once online and expansive—something ds106 is very good at, as well as focused and personable—something at the heart of UMW’s mission. This semester has been a cool experiment along those lines, I just hope to do it again soon without Google Hangouts.

What’s more, with this being video discussions number 42, that means between watching the episode and discussing it Paul and I have already invested 84 hours alone. And that the tip of the iceberg. #loveonanadjunctswages

Video Clips

The mayor calls a poker game to reinforce his political war chest.

Bunk and Freamon in a bar. Bunk misses Jimmy; Freamon misses the bodies.

Bunny Colvin tours the school. As Paul noted, might as well have been a tour of Hamsterdam.

Cutty getting schooled on school.