AMV’s? What is it, 2005?

Ah animated music videos. Brings back memories of my early teenage years. When I saw this was a possible video assignment, I just had to go for it. I used scenes from The Legend of Korra along with the brilliant song “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning” by Smashing Pumpkins. This song just seems to give off this vibe of confusion and ominous tidings, and I tried to get that across with the chaos of the video. I also juggled the emotions of despair and recovery towards the end.

VLC media player has a wonderful function to record short video segments and export them into their own separate clips. I used Windows Movie Maker to edit the scenes, trimming them and arranging them into a suitable order. I also used it to import the song I chose. Most of the process was just tedious editing of scenes, making sure the transitions between them flowed well, and nothing looked choppy. It was fun trying to get the audio and video this mesh together.  Hope you enjoy it! I put a lot of emotion into this.


Difficulty Rating: 5 stars