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I made a Freesound account!

Live Tweeting

On Wednesday night I listened to Season 2 Episode 3 of The Wire on DS106 Radio and live tweeted it.

 Reflection to lecture

Here is my reflection post to the Jennifer Ralston interview: Sound is Under Appreciated


Here are the three assignments I completed this week and links to their blog posts. Total: 7.5 stars

1.  Reverse Audio Quiz: 2.5 stars

Guess the song!

2. Sound Effects Story: 3.5 stars

The Last Chance

3. Create a DS106 Radio Bumper: 1.5 stars

D…S…106 Radio

Daily Creates

9/17/14–  Create your sorted books self-portrait

“Can You Tell I’m Writing a Thesis?”

9/18/14We missed National Dog Day. Never Mind. 

Puppies on Campus!

Brainstorming the Radio Show About the Wire

This is what I came up with for a cool radio show about The Wire: Guest Stars From the Reality TV Show, The Wire

The Wire

Season 2 Episode 3

This is the episode I chose to listen to over over DS106 Radio. It was very interesting to just listen to the episode as opposed to watching it. I noticed a lot more of all the detailed sounds bits that go into each episode, such as paper crinkling, footsteps, rolling chairs, chewing, animals etc. This episode definitely had some foreshadowing to  it. The scene where the dog eats the rat, shows that someone is going to be eaten alive by someone else and the scene where Stringer makes a move on D’s baby mama shows that he is definitely not afraid to betray members of Avon’s family, despite Avon saying that it’s all about love. The dog and rat scene’s foreshadowing was played out in the ending of the episode when five inmates in the prison die from a bad package and the episode ending with Avon barely paying attention to all of the commotion in the prison and simply laying back and read a book. He is the dog in the episode and he eats those inmates alive and shows D that he even when he is in prison he still has control over everything.
As for Nicky and Ziggy, they make a deal to steal some cameras from the shipment and sell them to Greeks who will give them a portion of the profit they make off of them. Nicky will not partake in drug dealing like Ziggy but he doesn’t seem to have a problem stealing from his own port and risking the port’s integrity. I like to see where all of the new characters’ moral compasses lie and how askew some are compared to others.

Season 2 Episode 4 

The gang got back together. ^_^ I’m a little disappointed that Daniels chose to stay on the force since I thought it would be a cool idea to have him as a lawyer and working with the police but in a different way. However, i’m glad our crime fighting buddies are back together. This episode really told solidified the kinds of morals that Nicky, Ziggy, and Frank have. Nicky knows right from wrong, but he also wants to do better by his girlfriend and daughter, and he knows how to lay low. Ziggy is dumb and careless and obnoxious.  I hope he falls off one of the ships or something. Frank, however, really wants his port to get more business and abide by the law. I still think he’s hiding something, but he does have a pretty decent moral compass, especially since he almost got sick knowing that the girls that died were not an accident. Although, he could have started to panic because he might be tied to it…so we’ll see! The cinematographers do a really good job at enhancing all of the smoke coming from the various smokers, particularly Bunk who is always smoking a cigar. At this point i’m surprised he hasn’t completely keeled over from damaging his lungs. I also really enjoyed when McNulty was searching for Omar, and instead found Bubbles. It was good to see him again even though he didn’t stay clean. Omar has clearly become someone that nobody wants to talk about, so I cannot wait until McNulty is reunited with him and catches up with him. Lastly, even though I dislike McNulty as a person, I enjoy watching him as a cop and doing his detective work. He has a keen eye and makes sure he doesn’t miss any details. For example, the decoration on the coat that the Nadia was wearing in the picture matched the decoration on the coat in the evidence bag, so it must be hers, and McNulty caught that. He also goes the extra mile to find out what was in Nadia’s letter since it’s in another language.

Season 2 Episode 5

Finally Ziggy’s stupidity catches up with him. I happy to see that someone finally laid down the law on Ziggy. He chose to handle drugs and since he can’t manage them properly he ended up with a target on his back. I thought it was somewhat noble of Nicky to try to go talk the drug dealers for Ziggy and that he took his own money from the camera deal to put towards a place for his girlfriend and daughter. It makes me hope that in the future if he could finally get settled and have a stable, legal income maybe he would stop making shady deals, but alas he and his family continue to do so.

Meanwhile, D tells Avon he wants no part in Avon’s game or world anymore. I wish he had said that before he went to jail since I still think he has a good heart but it just always in unfortunate circumstances. Stringer is also not letting Avon be the ultimate boss of the operation now, so I am afraid he’s going to “off” D.

As we see in this episode, Stringer is definitely much more complex and intelligent than the drug dealing business shows. He is taking legitimate business classes and is getting good grades on his projects. I love how he could actually be a successful legitimate businessman but for now he is just applying what he learns to the drug dealing. We also have a scene where he is trying to pass on this business knowledge to the guys underneath him, the ones who actually handle the drug dealing. It showed that Stringer could definitely be a positive influence on these young men since they respect him if they weren’t caught up in this whole shady business.

Lastly, the audience knows that the Details on Frank and the Homicide case with the all of the young women are definitely connected somehow (possibly through the Greeks) but the police are still trying to figure out more information on their respective sides of each investigation. I find it a little sad how nobody wants to “get stuck” the 14 homicides since in my opinion it seems like it’d be a huge case and one that would be important to solve. However, as we have been reminded again and again by Rawls, the police work as a business too and they don’t want to have more unsolved cases than solved cases because it makes the force look bad.