D…S…106 Radio

Very short bumper created for the audio assignment, “Create a DS106 Radio Bumper.” I first found the kind of sound I wanted on SoundCloud by searching for Creative Commons EDM mixes and then clicking around in songs to find their buildups. There’s ALWAYS buildups in EDM. Then I headed over to Freesound and search for sounds that kind of sounded like wires running electricity or something of that nature since this class is also known as Wire106. I finally found one that the scratchy kind of hum sound I was envisioning. Lastly, I needed someone to say “DS106 Radio.” I knew I definitely did not want to record myself talking, so I searched for free online text to speech computer generated voices that also allowed me to download the audio. I came across YAKiToMe! and used the “Audrey” voice to say “DS1O6 Radio.”

After I got these three bits downloaded, I imported them into Audacity. I found the particular buildup in the EMD mix I wanted and trimmed down the audio to just the buildup. I then faded in and faded out the EDM buildup. Next, I faded in and out the electricity sound. After that, I broke up the voice audio so I could spread out the “D,” “S,” “106,” “Radio,” and I added the reverb effect to all of the voice part. I placed the different voice parts to where I thought they might work best, and then  lastly, I sped up the voice part just a tad.

Credits for the sounds used:
1. COMMERCIAL EDM MIX JAN 6TH 2014 by djsn1 on SoundCloud

2. Electricity.wav by da_maestro on Freesound.org

3. Audrey voice from YAKiToMe!

Radio Logo:
I used Pixlr to redesign of the DS106 logo.