I Finished A Day Early?!?!

Well I never thought the day would come where I finish the assignments for ds106 early, but here we are! This week was a lot of work but I really enjoyed it! Learning how to use Audacity was a struggle at first. The only time I had used Audacity before was to do recordings for Spanish class in high school…talk about awkward! It took me a long time to figure it out, but once I did, it was very easy.

Video Discussion: I had no luck with the video discussions this week. I signed up for Wednesday night first but had to switch to Thursday. On Thursday, I was all ready with my clip and a charged computer. When we got to talking, my internet started crapping out and I could only hear random words. I tried my hardest to participate–I even tried listening to the radio show on my phone, but sadly, it was delayed. The video clip I chose was when Nick and Ziggy are in the bar discussing the digital camera. I thought this clip was great for many reasons. First of all, the background noises were so realistic. Nick slamming down his shot glass, the chairs moving, the music in the background, the murmur from the other customers, Jennifer Ralston thought of everything! Second, I loved how excited Nick got when he saw the digital camera. It just reminded me that this show is outdated. The technology now is so advanced. Last, I think that scene really depicted the relationship between Nick and Ziggy. They are cousins so they quickly got over the fact that Frank knows about their criminal activity. It is a huge contrast from the opening scene of season 1 episode 4 where Nick and Frank are arguing.

Daily Creates: 

How are you feeling today?#dailycreate #tdc983

How are you feeling today? I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with the amount of homework I had this week.

One thing I do with my dogs is breed them! I have three dogs at home: Bubba, Boots, and Barkley. Boots is the momma and Bubba is the dad. So far, we have bred them three times. This is a picture of one of the puppies. She is about seven weeks old.

What is something you and your pet do together? I have three dogs and we breed two of them. they are miniature schnauzers. This puppy was from the last breed which I actually watched/helped birth. It was an interesting experience that made me never want to have children.

Jennifer Ralston Interview: Loved this assignment! It made me so much more aware of the sound preparation that goes into making TV shows. Here’s my blog post.

Audio Assignments: 

1. DS106 Radio Bumper

2. Etude de la Musique

3. Guess This Track!

4. Quote of the Day

Wire Themed Radio Show: This was pretty difficult to do. I’m still not really sure what to do for the radio show but here are my ideas!

Live Tweeting: Listening to only the audio of season 2 episode 3 was really cool! It was fun trying to figure out exactly what was going on. At the same time, it was more difficult because the sounds were sometimes distracting. For example, when the police unit is discussing something, one of them is eating something. Another example is the music in the background when the characters are at a bar. It can be distracting when trying to pay attention to what the characters are saying. I enjoyed this exercise because it really made me more aware of the sounds within the episodes.


Well that’s all for week four. Until next Sunday, friends.