The Idea That Keeps Popping Up

When I was still in the commuting world, I used to listen to quite a bit of talk radio. Don & Mike and Howard Stern were on in my car on a daily basis. I even went on the Don & Mike Show on three separate occasions so their conversations about football and The Sopranos came to mind quickly when I first started thinking about ideas for my own radio show. Then all of a sudden a radio show came to mind that wasn’t even real. A radio show made famous because of television but the characters that created it could have really made a go of it on the radio, especially after the invention of satellite radio. There is just something about getting a picture in your head of something completely different than what is actually happening. After all, what other picture can you get in your head when you hear people on the radio talking about dusty muffins and schweaty balls. If there is anyway I can work in The Wire into a radio show like on SNL then I am all over it. Who’s in??