If Only It Was a Bad Dream

The final design assignment I created was “Picture into Words” For this one I had to take pictures of objects that look like letters. Many people have completed this assignment by make the words “The Wire.” I decided to make mine a little different but kept it with the wire theme. Season 2 Episode 11 was titles “Bad Dream” and I think we can all agree that Ziggy probably wishes it was a bad dream. Seeing that I confined to my house while I did this assignment, it turned out to be slightly difficult. It is probably a result from living in a college house and having the bare necessities to live but I made it work. Here are what my pictures were for letters.

B – two flip flops

A – a ladder and a step ladder

D – the handle of a stein and he handle of a Hershey park soda cup

R – the shadow of a squirt bottle

M – 3 black notes on a keyboard

S – Electrical cord that I photo shopped to make it an S


Bad Dreams


2 Stars