ITCC Sounds

I did the assignment called Sound Scapes, worth 4.5 stars. I used Audacity as my sound editor and FreeSound as my source for the sounds. I also used an app recommended by SoundCloud called AudioCopy in order to record the ITCC elevator on my iPhone and then directly upload it to SoundCloud. So what I did first was find sounds on FreeSound that I thought would represent the atmosphere of the ITCC. I figured people talking, mouse clicking, keyboard typing, walking up the main staircase, and the elevator sounds would accurately represent what goes on in the building. I also decided to add in the Mac startup sound since the ITCC has a lot of brand new Macs. Finding the right sounds on FreeSound can be challenging, and I know that for some of these sound, like the people talking and the keyboard typing, I had to listen to several clips, and sometimes even go to the second page :O in order to find what I was looking for. Seriously though, there’s a lot of variations in sounds especially when it comes to different materials being used in the sounds. Once I found all of my sounds, I imported them into Audacity.
Once they were in Audacity, I moved the various clips around and added the “Repeat” effect to my shorter clips to make them longer. I also added in the “Faded In” and “Faded Out” effects to some of the clips in order to ease in their presence. I also lowered the volume of several of my clips to make them seem like they are farther away. Lastly, I imported my own recording of the elevator ride, making it fade in as well as if you were approaching the elevator.


Here’s my finished product!

Sound Credits:

(All sounds from FreeSound)

1. CoffeeShopChatter.wav by oliverbrotzman

2. female heels in staircase short.wav by martian

3. ITCC Elevator  by Jess Reingold

4. Mac Start Up.mp3 by bmusic92

5. Mouse Clicks by junkfood2121

6. Typing_Fast.wav by jaredpass24