It’s Good to Look Back a Little

A friend once told me, “It’s always good to look back once a while, there are some memories you would like to remember eventually.” After remembering my friend say that, I thought for the video essay assignment like why not look back at Season 1 of The Wire. I wanted to do Season 1 Episode 1 because to me it’s the intro of The Wire so it’ll show who’s who and which character does what. I wanted to relate it to the theme seniority that happened in this episode. I chose only scenes of which I thought was the main ones to relate to seniority. I used Wondershare to cut the clips of the scenes of which I downloaded from Mediahub and used audacity to record of my commentary.



When I finished this, I kept thinking like I wouldn’t be able to finish this but when I did, I was like:

Without further ado, here is my video essay! Enjoy!