My Morning in sounds…

For this assignment I picked to create a story all out of sounds. This was so relevant to me because in social psychology, we just learned the impact of nonverbal communication.

This process was pretty easy for me this time! Luckily I had already had experience using Audacity from previous courses.


I came up with all the sounds by mimicking my daily routine. My alarm goes of for a while, the I get into the shower, make my coffee, walk to class, the professor hands out papers, you can hear sighs all across the room, and the clock in the room is so loud!


I simply downloaded Audacity and then made an account on Freesound. Freesound was surprisingly easy to use! When it came to trimming, I got so frustrated! But I finally realized you had to hit the STOP button, not the pause in order to be able to delete a section. I literally spent 30 minutes trying to figure it out, I googled it but I was doing exactly what they said, minus the fact I did not hit the stop button!

After that I thought the layering would be the hardest part.. Luckily I watched a video that helped me a lot before I tried. It all became so simple! Audacity was no longer intimidating. Although, it might not be perfect, but it is definitely a work in progress (: