My Story IS Important So Listen

Here’s My Story And It Ain’t Glory.

Ah, the home stretch. I’m finally completing my final audio assignment. There were a lot to choose from but i wanted something interesting and personal. I saw the title “What’s The Story Morning Glory” and that caught my attention because really, what IS the story? I actually think this a song by  Oasis but i’m not too sure. Either way, i’m already hooked. But wait! I must read the assignment first..


My morning routine. Well, I wake up 30 minutes before my first class of the day. That leaves me 10 minutes to get ready and 20 to walk all the way to Combs since i live in Arrington. Meh, not too bad, right? I mean it does explain my choice of outfits though. I saw that some people tried this assignment so i went for it as well. How hard could my morning routine be?


This week is all about audio, right? Right. What you need to do is listen. Your ears are your eyes for this assignment. The title for this section is misleading. I’m not going to talk about my morning routine. What i will do is record it and you tell me what you hear. Obviously i already know the sounds since i recorded them! So take a couple listens (it’s only like a minute) and comment what you hear. Then try to piece it all together into a story or rather, my routine! It’s not secret. I’m a normal human who does normal human things. LISTEN! (Ps- i like donuts).


This took me  a good amount of time to figure out. What do i record with? I mean, i’m not a reporter and don’t have one of those personal sound recorders, so what’s a normal girl suppose to do? Well, i thought long and kind of hard. What have i been using to do audio this whole week? My beautiful lap top. What i also need is Audacity because that’s where i’m going to be recording from. My laptop isn’t the smallest thing around, it’s about 15 inches of pure gold. So,yes, i did go around my whole room recording sounds through Audacity. It wasn’t as bad as you think because i live on campus so my room is small anyways. I figured it would be a lot easier to record straight to Audacity so then i can cut and fix all my sounds. For example, the clicking of the mousepad. I definitely had to cut that out so you wouldn’t be hearing a loud “click” every 10 seconds. There you have it! There wasn’t a real process to this other than recording, cutting, and then adding the sounds into one file. I guess that’s a process though, right? I think this came out to be pretty successful because every time i listen to the track i can picture myself getting ready. Now, when you do figure out the sounds, i’ll tell you if you’re right. ;) Enjoy!