One Arrest as told by GIFs

This weeks assignment for DS106 was to create GIFs to summarize an episode of The Wire. When I first read this I was both nervous and excited. I had never made a GIF, didn’t know where they came from, and had no idea how I could summarize an hour-long episode in six or less GIFs.

For this assignment, I chose episode seven “One Arrest.” I really enjoyed this episode because there was a lot of action.

The episode begins with the Prez decoding a message with information of a resupply. The police end up arresting Kevin Johnston. This scene is important because it really shows progress. Many times when I watch this show I get bored because everyone is just sitting around listening and waiting. This episode proved me wrong.



The next big event in the episode was when Johnny and Bubbles attend the Narcotics Anonymous. During the meeting, Bubbles stands up and gets a 24 hour pin. While watching this, I was really happy. He looked like he really wanted to change. In a following episode (I think it was episode 10), Bubbles stole what he thought was cocaine. I was really disappointed with him. I had thought he wanted to change.

Getting Clean

The next important scene is where D gets the offer to sell cocaine behind Avon’s back. I found this scene to be foreshadowing in a way. If D’Angelo takes the offer, that could really mess up the case. The police unit could get confused with the drug flows. D could also face fatal consequences if Avon were to find out.

Think on it

When Stringer gets nervous that the police are onto them, he mandates the men to rip out the payphone and gives them rules for future contact. This means that the police unit will need to find other ways to watch them and keep a closer eye on their movements.

Cut Off

A reoccurring theme in this show is the brutality the police show towards the perps. This theme is evident in this episode when the police beat Bird Hilton. After he refuses to cooperate and shares nasty remarks towards the police, they rip up his picture and begin beating him. This just shows that the police force is willing to do anything to get answers regardless of rules.



As the episodes go on, I am getting more and more into them. I am excited to see what happens next!