PSA The Wire Plan to End Gun Violence

Si Robertson once said, “It ain’t gun control we need; it’s sin control.” It’s true though what Si said. There have been people talking about to end gun violence. I wanted to do a PSA video about it. I thought after seeing a video assignment of making a PSA announcement and relating it to at least one of The Wire episodes this week, it would be perfect. I wanted to make it really great such as the minion in the GIF below making an announcement:

Well to do this assignment, I used a program called Wondershare and all I did was took some video clips from two of the episodes of The Wire we were supposed to watch this week (Season 3 Episode 8 and 9). Also I took the scene where Kima got shot. I got the plan to end gun violence video that I used for the radio show with the audio only. I mixed them together and created this:

Hope you guys enjoy it!