Radio Show!

Wow this week was crazy! Only having a few days to do the radio show was difficult, but I think it turned out well. After many conversations with Jim Groom and my fellow group members tpeedhispants, nrandall,  and dniepokoj, we finished!!!

We decided to go with a “what would you do” theme for our show. We each thought of one question (Travis and I came up with an extra one) and then we each made a commercial. To do the recordings, we ended up meeting on campus to have our discussions. We all live on or near campus so it made the most sense. We did run into problems doing this. Danielle has a very soft voice whereas I have a loud voice. Using the noise reduction and normalize effects in audacity, I was able to work around this. I took on the putting together of the whole project. We would record one question at a time and send the audio to whoever’s question it was for editing. Those were sent to me where I put the final touches on it. It seemed easiest to do this rather than all meeting. Specifically, I formed the questions about Frank and McNulty and I made the homicide recruiting commercial. Danielle made the radio bumper, specific to our segment of the radio show. I think she did a really great job with that.

Overall, I think it turned out great! I do wish we would have had more time to work on it. It kind of sucked having to work around fall break because all of us were gone. Luckily, everyone in the group made the time to work on it.  Have a listen!