Week 8 – TDSN Radio Show

Well the radio show is complete. This project came at a tough time with fall break occurring in the middle of it. I was away for all of fall break without internet so I was unable to work on the project during that time. However in the end my group and I pulled it all together. We went with a radio show is a “what would you do” idea. Each member came up with a question that was related to a character or event in the show. We gave a little intro into each question so any listener would have an idea of what we were talking about. We also each made a commercial and a radio bumper. We tried to make our commercials relate to the topics we discuss in the radio show. We decided to meet as a group on campus to do our recordings and get our thoughts together. Since we all live on or near campus we figured it would be easier to meet in person than all online. Also, we thought that if we all recorded on the same device in the same room it would help with any background noises, echoing, etc. Once we completed our recordings each person was in charge of editing their question and the responses to their question. We added some background sound and some sound effects to give the show a little extra flavor.

Overall, I enjoyed this project. I wish we would have had another week to finish it because I have a little more time this week that I would have liked to add some extra stuff to my part. But I think our radio show as a whole turned out very good. It took us a while to understand the assignment and get our ideas together. We communicated with Professor Groom a lot to make sure we were going down the right path. Hopefully our listeners enjoy the show.


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