String’s Gonna Get You

Today’s Daily Create was to make a themed video montage. I took all the Stringer Bell clips I had saved from the first season and put them together with the song String’s Gonna Get You (YT) which I actually have on an LP. Youtube credits it to Rutabaga, but it’s really the legendary Andre Williams.

I made this with Audacity and iMovie. The song is about five minutes long, and it’s about a Texas sheriff, which doesn’t really fit the theme. In Audacity I cropped off the first few minutes with all the lyrics and applied the Fade-In effect at the beginning, then I exported it as an MP3. I imported that and my clips into iMovie. Since my clips only added up to a few seconds, I duplicated them over and over again until it filled up a couple minutes. I right-clicked on the clips and used the Detach Audio function to get rid of the sound. My sound file was still running longer than the video clips, so I cropped the end off. And there’s my String video, such as it is.