Summertime Feeling Dramatic Reading Remix

For the audio assignments for this week, I really liked the idea of doing a dramatic reading, but setting it to different music to give it a completely new feel, so I made an assignment for it. For my dramatic reading remix, I did a reading of a cheesy song from my childhood, S Club 7’s “Summertime Feeling,” [embedded below for comparison] but put it to Antonio Vivaldi’s “Summer.

I used audacity for everything. I decided that I was going to learn to use garageband, but really couldn’t figure it out. I promise I’m not stupid because people keep telling me how easy garageband is, but I already know how to do what I needed on Audacity, so I  gave up and used Audacity. I recorded the dramatic reading, and added the music behind it, adjusting the audio so the classical music didn’t overpower the reading.