TDSN Radio Reflection

I liked a lot of things about TDSN radio. I liked the bumper that they made and how they used it throughout the show to show cohesiveness.

I also loved the background music that they chose. I liked how the theme song was in the background while they were talking about the history and explaining the show. Most of the time the music was just right as background music. Sometimes, though, it was too loud and detracted from what was being said, and other times it was too quiet where it just sounded like noise and not music. Keeping it consistent throughout the show would have made it a little more cohesive.

I also enjoyed all of the commercials. I like how they tied in with what you were going to be discussing immediately after. It was kind of like foreshadowing in a way. My favorite commercial was probably the one for Sunny Meadows Addiction Center. I also really liked the “In Memory of Frank Sobotka” portion and how the song that they always play on the help the children commercials was in the background. It made me laugh. Another of my favorite commercials was the Barksdale party commercial and how you said you would have a new and improved party favor for everyone.

I like the set-up of the show in general. How you guys had a question and discussed it. It made it more like a talk show like you would see on television more than one you would listen to on the radio but you made it work.

Overall, great work. I loved the layering of sounds and songs along with your discussion to make it more interesting. I also liked the overall theme of the show. Great work!