The End Is Near; 15

Wow, the last week in DS106 before finals! This has just been crazy. I’ll be a little more sentimental next week. For now, let’s focus on what i did this week!

Daily Create

Oddly, we only had to complete one daily create this week! What a breeze. I was getting a little lazy this week and chose to complete it on Saturday! Here’s my post about it and what i actually did below!

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 4.04.28 PM

Video Discussion

Like almost everyone else in the class, i chose this week to complete all of my three video discussions. They weren’t so bad to be honest! The only issue i had was the first vide discussion of episode 13 of season 4 because it didn’t record. :(


This was my second video discussion and my post about it can be found here. The video is below so feel free to watch!


This was my final video discussion. Oddly, this was also the earliest episode i had to watch yet i completed this last. Oh, well! I go into more detail on what we discussed and so on here. The video will be below!


What a drag! This was the first video discussion i participated in but there was a little malfunction and it did not record. Need not worry! I blogged about it here so you can get filled in via words rather than video. It’s just as good so don’t feel bad!

Stringer Bell Assignments: 8 Stars

Similar to last week, we had to complete 8 stars worth of assignments in the shoes of our character which for me is Stringer Bell. This was fun and pretty creative. Let’s see what i did.

Level 10 Muscle: 4 Stars

My first assignment was John Meadows “Create Your Own Magic Cards!”. This was really hilarious and creative so it was perfect to do. I spent a good amount of time trying to think of what to write. Check out my post here!

Stringer Bell Magic Card

Stacks on Stacks: 4 Stars

My final assignment was the “Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper!” Now, as you can already assume, i created my own wallpaper for Stringer Bell. This was interesting because what would Stringer have as his wallpaper? So my possibilities. I chose to revolve this assignment around money and Stringer’s intelligence. My post is here about it so read up!

Background for Stringer

Character Interactoins:

Now, i didn’t think that us just doing assignments and creating social media accounts in our character’s shoes would be it! Finally, some interaction with other characters. This was fun and i definitely laughed at some of the convorsations. The only issues that arose was i couldn’t connect with other people through Stringer’s LinkedIn. So i failed on that part. Also, i’m the only character who made a Vine account? That was rough. I stuck to Facebook and Twitter because that’s what everyone was interacting on so i didn’t want to make it too difficult. Check it out!

Stringer and Carver


Stringer and Omar


Stringer and McNulty


Stringer and Cutty



Tutorials: here & here !

Create 2 Assignments: Here & oops i can’t find the second one!