The final cut

It’s finally completed! The best radio show of all time, or at least that I have ever been a part of making (of which this is the first ;) ). It was really cool to make and everyone in my group was so cool and smart. Maggie and Kris had the most clever commercials, Imran made some really great bumpers, Lauren and Jessica made song compilations, promos and commercials, and then I organized the show and Jessica strung it all together. I think everyone took an even load and all of our work has coalesced into a great show.

Our idea made our show really different because the majority of it is commercials, rather than dialogue and analysis, to show the product placement in the Wire. I really enjoyed making commercials and seeing everyone else’s because they were all so clever, and it made me see how deeply product placement plays a part in the Wire, as well as in other areas of pop culture.