The Last Chance

The second audio assignment I chose to do was Sound Effects Story, which is 3.5 stars. For this assignment I had to tell a story using nothing but sound effects. I could not use verbal communication, and I had to use at least five different sounds that I found online. Lastly, the story could not be longer than 90 seconds. So what I did was I came up with a story idea and then headed over to freesound to find the clips I thought would be most useful in telling the story I wanted to to tell. Once I found the clips that matched the sounds I wanted to have conveying my story, I downloaded them and imported them into Audacity. There, I moved the clips into their proper locations for the plot and shorten one of the clips that was too long. Once all of my clips were in place, I exported the project as a .wav file (since it was complicated to save it a .mp3 and I found a site that convert .wav to .mp3 if I needed to convert it).

As you see below, this is my final result! It is a 45 second long story that uses 5 different sound clips.

Clip citations:
1. WALLA Ballpark Chatter by AshFox (trimmed down duration)
2. Dragging baseball bat by anochrist
3. swing1.mp3 by Taira Komori
4. Glove Catch 1 FF014.aif by martinimeniscus
5. BaseballHitAndCrowdCheer.mp3 by AmishRob