The Sounds of the Forest

Sounds are from

spoonbender –…r/sounds/244942/

IFartInUrGeneralDirection –…on/sounds/74646/

cornodrig –

This sound was made from various sound that I found on I also used the Audacity software to trim, and adjust the volume of the different sounds in each file. Finding them was not too difficult; it just took the search bar and a rough idea of what I specifically wanted to find.

I rather enjoyed making this one. I had originally intended to add more sounds, but I found these three really made my idea come to life. I got the idea to make a forest sound after sitting back and thinking of places where you hear unique sounds. The forest came up shortly; you really do hear a lot of different noises that all get associated with one thing. Rather than picking everything, I chose some sounds and put them together to create this.

After trimming the sounds, I adjusted the volume to make the river seem further off (it was really noisy at first) and increased the volume of the trees rustling. All in all, I think it came out pretty decently.

I’m still getting use to some of the options and layouts in Audacity, but so far it is proving to be a solid piece of software for sound editing.

Let me know what you think!