The Thirty Circle Challenge

I did today’s daily create. This might be the earliest I have ever completed one. I also took my time doing it–mostly because I was procrastinating writing a paper >.< I decided to draw things that I liked or that described me. I struggled to think of that many things that I liked so some of the circles describe some of the things that I drew in other circles (the ones that I thought were a little confusing). Here is my thirty circle challenge:

Thirty circle challenge!

From left to right, top to bottom they are: softball, love, faith, hope, the sun/summer, orange, my initials, my shotgun, my pistol, Christmas, fall, crafting, Ryan (my boyfriend), Jeeeps, monograms, lifting weights, Reese’s, the beach, the lake, fishing, football, mud, walking barefoot/walking on the beach, flip flops, fire, and the Redskins! :)