The Wire: White Collar Edition

I did today’s daily create “(Don’t) Describe #wire106.” And I read a couple of other people’s ideas (of course because I don’t want to be way off base here) and I kind of spun off of their ideas. I don’t know if anyone has seen White Collar but it is a GREAT show (which will unfortunately be in its last season here soon *tear*). Neill Caffrey, a convicted con artist (I guess) helps out the White Collar crime unit (the crimes that he used to commit). He basically solves their cases by thinking of the way he would do it and then telling them and they get the bad guy. It is great because he is freaking brilliant. Anyway it is a great show and you should watch it. But here is The Wire edition of White Collar (or the White Collar edition of The Wire) explanation:

The Wire: White Collar Edition is a great new television show about a police department who enlists the help of a former drug dealer (who escaped from prison several times only to be found by this police department). The final time he escaped they gave him an ultimatum–either he helped them find other drug dealers or he went into solitary confinement. So, of course, he chose to help them out. Not only did he avoid solitary confinement, one by one he was able to laugh in the face of his former competitors while they got carried away to jail. Not to mention he managed to do a little drug dealing on the side while he wasn’t under police supervision. As you can imagine he has to talk himself out of many a sticky situation, but in the end he helps the department and he and his handler end up with a very good relationship–almost best friends (*insert collective AWWW here*).