Wake-y Wake-y, Eggs and Bake-y

Week 4: Audio Assignment #2

For my second audio assignment, I wanted to experiment with recording sound. I found the assignment “What’s the Story Morning Glory?” and felt it would be a fun assignment to complete, as no dialogue was allowed, only sounds. To record the sounds of my morning, I used the Voice Memos app on my brand new iPhone 6. I decided that I wanted to capture two parts of my morning: getting up and preparing for my day in the bathroom, and fixing my morning meal of Fruity Pebbles (my favorite cereal!). I then emailed the files in an MP4 format to myself and used SoundCloud to upload the sounds.

I have to admit I felt uncomfortable recording my morning pee, but I felt like editing it out or not including it altogether would not be truthful to the assignment. I was so surprised with how good the sound quality of the clips was! Below are the both clips, unedited:

Getting up, using the bathroom, brushing my teeth, and taking a shower.