Website Banner

For this assignment, I decided to make another one! I saw the one called the Website Logo but I thought the Website Banner would be fun too! I decided to create the assignment because I was looking to create a banner for my website and I thought I could get credit for it too! I had a lot of fun creating this as well. While brain storming for this banner, i happened upon this idea to use different photos that I have taken. I used photoshop to place all of these photos together. Then I put my website tag on the photo as well. So this is what my banner turned out to be like!

Here it is on Flickr!

Here it is on Flickr!

I’m going to explain the different photos here. I’ll go from left to right/and top row to bottom row:

The first photo (Top left) I took on a whim. I was just getting out of class one night this season and the sunset was really pretty! It looked like the sun set the sky on fire. The next picture was one I took over the summer while I was on a family vacation in New Hampshire. My family goes to the same lake every year. On this particular day the lake looked like glass. The next photo I took while on my trip to London over winter break. This was outside of one of the shops we went to. The photo to the right of that is the London Eye. this was taken on the same trip. While we were walking across the bridge to get to the Eye, I saw how cool it was to see the street light in front of the London Eye. On the bottom row, to the very left, I took this picture while on a hike to a place called “Shock Rock.” It was a hike up to rock that are under some power lines. If you stood up and put your hand up you could shock some one who was sitting on the rock itself. The view was incredible. The next photo was taken while I was walking through the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. It was a great spring day and this flower was so pretty. Next to that photo, is another photo from New Hampshire. This is the dock that extends into the lake. After that photo is another photo I took in the downtown part of Stowe, Vermont. There was a little patch of flowers like this one.

I really enjoyed making this assignment!


Here are the photos on flickr!