Week 3 Summary

Hi! This is a week summary that was from a while back, during week 3. I didn’t have a weekly summary but here it is now! During week 3 we were given the task to complete 3 different assignments from the different assignment banks, whether they be from, design, audio, visual etc. I remember making the infograph and I really enjoyed that! The web assignment was fun too, it was interesting to look at the different characters.

Here are my Posts:

A New Spin on A Storyline Design

~Here I used a website to create a infograph about an episode in the Wire, season 2 episode 1. I added pictures where I told the basic premise of the episode

Beatrice Russell As a Pinner Web

~In this assignment I made a Pinterest board about Beatrice Russell. I found a link to things that she would possibly like and I created a board of about 20 pins describing her character.

Daily Create:

Early Morning Meal with My Cats

~In this daily create we had to take a picture of something our pets do regularly. I wrote about how my cats would be sitting down at the kitchen table with me every morning.

Live Tweeting:

First Live Tweeting Session

~I had a lot of fun with this. It really brings a sense of community to the class and it tears down that typical barrier of the online class that there will be no outside contact from the class, just through the computer screen.

I didn’t do any commenting this week but I have been improving on the commenting since then!


It was also really cool to look back on the different assignments that I did over the past weeks!