Week ending 11/16/14: Worn down watch from the roof…

This message comes back to you from my weary worn down self on the lookout.  As we draw nearer to the end of the semester, I find myself more tired and worn down.  Sleeping only 3-4 hours of sleep each night is wearing me down.  I thought is was just me but I saw the same weary worn out face on my fellow biddies as we filmed this week.  The past two weeks have been a video combination assignment.  We were to create 16 stars and at least 2 daily creates per week.  In addition to this we have begun researching our characters for our final assignment.  We were also to create 4 required sites for our character.  I chose to create a group on my flickr account for Omar, I created a fan page on Facebook for Omar, and I also created a twitter and LinkedIn account for him.

Daily Creates:

Last week the two daily creates that I did were:

A Haiku written about my son’s upcoming surgery.


and I also made a baby using tape somehow.  I managed to wrap one of my son’s beany babies with tape to create a clear egg for it.

How kitties are born

For this week’s daily creates:

I created a flag for my nation.  When my family travels, we always resemble a small clan so it was appropriate to create a flag for us.  It says “fear us”.

Albrycht  National Flag

and last night’s daily create was to write our online history by starting with our first hello.



As for the 16 stars for this week:

My first assignment for 5 stars was to create a tutorial to my Dad.  I used the assignment bank tutorial for Mom.  My father just received his first smart phone and has never used a computer a day in his life.  Not only are we teaching him a smart phone but what the internet even is.  I did a tutorial on my phone of some basics so that he can learn.  Poor Dad.  We got him an Iphone 6 plus and he is afraid to even take it out of the box.

here is my tutorial:

My next assignment that was done on my own was the video essay assignment for 5 stars.

I took selected scenes from The Wire Season 4 Episode 3 and talked about the entire episode titled “Home Rooms.”  This episode touched on the home lives of a few of the characters.  Home room goes deeper than “Mr. Prezbo’s” home room class.  It is refering to the home lives of Omar, the Lieutenant that was moved out of Major crimes was designing his house’s rooms, the home of Namond in which everyone was welcome but Dukie who has no home life.  Dukie suffers the same as the young girl that cut the face of the other.  There is no room for them in a home.  It is a really deep message when looking at these children that have come on the scene in this season of The Wire,”Corner” kids as Colvin calls them.  Here is my video on the episode:

The last assignment was a “swede” made by the fabulous trio known as the “old biddies”. This assignment was listed once as 4.5 stars and another listing as 5.  We are also hopeful that we may get some extra credit for the work that we put into this scene.  We were chatting over the two weeks tossing up  ideas to make our swede episode of The Wire.  We decided on one scene from episode 5 and three scenes from episode 6 all from Season 4.  We met at the bus station here by UMW and filmed everything ourselves.   Hope you enjoy our production.

For my links to my Omar sites:










I hope nothing was left out this week.  With the end of the semester coming and all of the major assignments going for my other class, this has been an insane two weeks.  Plus mucho personal trials going on with us preparing for my 16 year old son’s surgery, this has been very crazy.  I actually managed to fall asleep at my desk at work twice this week!  It’s been insane this week.  Praying that Thanksgiving will bring a few more hours of much needed sleep.

Until next week…  Make Art dagnabit all!