Where Great Minds Get To Work

I also completed the Cheesy Radio Add For Your School assignment. Once I read this I knew exactly what I wanted to say. I wanted to make it around the slogan UMW has “Where great minds get to work.” What does that even mean. Personally, I think it is cheesy by itself. I wrote up a few lines before it to make it into a commercial. I tried to make them cheesy as well. Then I searched on youtube Cheesy background music. I came across a song that was title “Uber Cheesy 80’s Music.” I had to use that one. I took a part of the song that I wanted and recorded my voice over it. Whats pretty cool about audacity is you’re able to record while playing the other sounds you already have loaded into the project. I wore my headphones so I could hear the music and then just talked into the computer and it recorded what I was saying. It was a fun assignment I do not think it is worth 3 stars but it all depends how much you put into it.


3 stars