Where The Wire and the Surreal Meet.

Today’s daily create involved writing a blurb about  The Wire and what we do here at ds106.  However, the objective of this assignment was to show it but by not describing it.  I pulled together this random piece via some photos I found via the internet courtesy of Google Images.

I figured what better way then to make art while making no sense of what so ever in regards to today’s TDC and the efforts of the wire post.

I think I combined the best of efforts by using the picture below in Photoshop the-wire

And by going to the second step which was using a second picture to crop an image and reduce the opacity of the image of kitty puking rainbows to make it look as if it was in Kima’s bag…thus giving me:


Meaning of Picture:

I would hope that my picture would not be regarded as totally random however I think it does and dosen’t describe the show The Wire by introducing art, the surreal kind with reality and by giving some insight into the interactions of characters.  I then added my own text for character thus giving me my simple yet hilarious daily create.