WOW- Wirebuyers

On Wednesday at 8:30pm, i tuned into DS 106 Radio. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The directions for our radio show were very vague. For our group, we did a radio talk show. This didn’t mean EVERY group did. I realized this once i listened on the “Wirebuyers” radio. When i first tuned in, it was early and thought i was hearing something left over from the discussion. There was no talking and just music and commercials. Well, after 5 minutes of listening to this i tweeted at Groom asking what was playing. Well, it was the Wirebuyers radio! This show was off the chain and different from mine in so many ways. The show was just different ads and music and they tied it all together with the show. I was truly amazed! What first caught my attention was the Gatsby ad. At first i thought this was just audio from the commercial trailers for the recent film. Out of nowhere i hear the discussion from the jail where they were talking about the book and what it meant to them. This was genius. I am a little biased because this was my favorite part of season 1 but i thought it was smart how they tied this in.  At this point, i was already blown away. I didn’t know what i expect. I was still waiting for some members to talk but that never happened. This wasn’t a bad thing at all! The whole show was one long stream of music and commercials. It fit well with the title. Another one of my favorite segments was definitely the commercial for Mens Warehouse. Although a little random at first, i finally got it once the audio from the scene with McNulty and Omar shopping for court attire was added. This made me giggle out loud which is a little difficult to. So, Kudos! A final comment on a part i enjoyed was the gun control add. This was a big tone changer in the show. From the beginning up until this point i was laughing and enjoying the ads and happy music was playing. Suddenly, i hear an acoustic version of a famous song and my mood changed. I thought it was a great ad to choose and music to play. I thought the ad would have been better if the scene where Kima gets shot was used but overall, it was a great changer to the show. Many aspects of the show worked in the groups favor. The ads were funny, the music was catchy, and it was well put together. If i had to make a comment on one thing, it would have been to give the audience a heads up of what the show was. I missed the beginning because i guess my timing was off and i was lost. But that’s on my part! I’m still seriously impressed with this show. 5 stars, high-five, and a round of applause for the Wirebuyers!

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