“Everywhere I Go They Just Copy And Paste Us”

For my third audio assignment I decided to do the Row Row Polyphony (2.5 stars). I really love doing this. I  have been in choirs all of my life and most the team we warm up with rounds. Usually we do it with Solfege but there are so many songs you could do it with. Even in my music class last semester we did the Row Row Row Your Boat round in class. It’s always so much fun.

I didn’t really know what song to do my round with so I just stuck with “Row Your Boat.” I thought to myself if I was going to do that song then I would have to be original so I took to Audacity. First I recorded myself singing the song. That was probably the easiest part. Like I said I wanted to be original. I wanted to harmonize so I changed the pitches of my voices through Audacity. That took the longest amount of time then any other part of any audio assignment that I did this week. Trying to line the tracks up so they hit on time was also a bit hard. I enjoyed the outcome so listen and tell me what you think.