School’s In!


Since it was my first time using Audacity, I kept this clip short and sweet. The assignment was to tell a story using only sound effects. This tells the story of the morning of elementary school kids. They’re always so chatty in the morning. As the school bells rings, the kids run up the school stairs into the front doors. Their sneakers squeak down the hallways as they continue to talk to one another. The kids go to their lockers and then go to their designated classrooms and another school day begins.

To make this clip I downloaded audacity and made a freesound account. Freesound was pretty easy to use. I just downloaded the clips and dragged them into Audacity. Since I’m not a huge fan of sitting through tutorials, I played around with the clips to try to understand Audacity a bit better. I used 8 different audio clips to create this story.I tried to publish this assignment to  twitter and soundcloud through known, but it wouldn’t upload the file :(

Here are the clips I used:

Kids Playing

School Bell


Busy Kids Chatting

Opening Door


Paper Shuffling

Here is what my project looked like in Audacity