Why ds106?

For my third audio assignment I did a reflection on my time in ds106 so far. I had to answer the questions, “Why am I here?” “What brought me to DS106?” and “Why did I stay?” I was completely honest in my post and it was really nice to get it out there as to why I am in the class and how I feel about ds106 now, as compared to when I first started. I put my audio over the song “Allison Road” by the Gin Blossoms to really personalize it.

To do this I used some of the Audacity skills I learned in the past and with doing my earlier assignment this week on reversing a song. After using the voice memo app on my iPhone to record my reflection, I dropped it into Audacity. Then, I chose “Allison Road” in my iTunes and made an AIFF version of it so I could also put it into Audacity. All I had to do after that was make the song quieter with the tone tabs in order to make my audio portion louder over the music. In the end it worked! Now I have the perfect third and last assignment for the week because I was able to talk about some of my trials this week in my reflection!