Episode 6 – “The Wire”

This week I decided to summarize episode 6 called “The Wire.” I feel like this episode is extremely important to the series. Creating the GIF’s this week was a first for me. I have always seen these on websites and what not but I never had any idea of how they were made. At first I was overwhelmed with the process to get the media content I needed as well as figuring out how GIMP worked. It was a great experience learning how to make them. I look forward to make better and cooler ones in the future.

My first GIF is from the beginning of the episode. In the previous episode Wallace saw Omar’s boy Brandon and called D’Angelo. Avon’s men obviously took care of Brandon in hope of getting back at Omar. Wallace saw this right outside where he sleeps and feels horrible about what happened. I though it was interesting that he felt bad because he knew what was going to happen when he called D’Angelo. Wallace wanted to turn him in because it made him look good within the drug business but now feels bad about it. I am curious as to if he had another opportunity if Wallace would turn him in?

GIF 1 09


Bubbles was trying to do good until Johnny came by the food stand he was working at. Johnny was just released from medical care and his first thought it how to get high. They planned out a con to steal copper pipes and then sell them. It just shows how bad these guys need to get high and why the drug dealers in Baltimore have so much control.


Going along with the con is the process of Bubbles and Johnny actually selling the copper. Bubbles first asks the contractor to pay 40 cents a foot and the contract doesn’t want to buy it. Bubbles puts on his best salesmen act and negotiates with the contractor. In the end the contractor and Bubbles agree to a cost of 30 cents a foot. I chose this section for 2 reasons. First, it once again shows how bad these addicts need to get high. They literally do whatever is needed to get enough money to get high. Secondly, the contractor seems to be a well established working man yet he buys this stolen copper. He is enabling these druggies to get high.


When McNulty saw Omar’s boy dead on that car he knew he could use this to his advantage. He finds Omar’s car and leave his business card. Omar calls McNulty on a night that he has his kids. He takes Omar up on this offer even though he doesn’t see his kids a lot. This shows how McNulty is a workaholic. He is an addict himself just in a different way. His “high” is being on the job trying to figure out whatever case he has at the time.



McNulty takes Omar to the morgue to show him Brandon’s body. I knew that Omar was going to get revenge. This scene shows that even a guy like Omar who shoots people like its nothing has feelings and cares about certain people.


Finally, the scene that was a turning point in the detectives cases. Getting Omar on their side or at least getting him to answer questions and get some info from him helped take the case to the next level.