There is Only One DC…

Bobby Darin once said, “My family comes first. Maybe that’s what makes me different from other guys.” That’s the thing I love my family. Earlier this past week, I went home for Fall Break and the day I had to leave which was Tuesday, I saw the Daily Create I had to do. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do my daily create at my neighborhood.

The picture I took below is my neighborhood. I live at the second house with the basketball hoop. That day was a very special day for me because I spent my last day helping and talking with my mom. I missed that. Got to have fun with my family and my neighbors after a while. Can’t wait to see them soon.

Today is a special day because I got to spend actual quality time with my family and so far I'm enjoying it before going back to UMW today.

I know when I get back home, I would be like this:


I like eating pizza in my home because when I eat pizza at home, it’s a fun time and my mom usually put movies on TV so I get to always enjoy that time. My mom ordered pizza that day before I left home to come back to UMW.